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Who we are


The Dutch Approach means: hereby integrating physical, economical and social competences. With our multidisciplinary team, we work with respect and trust for each other's expertise, with constant curiosity, or what we refer to as “looking over the fence”.

A teamof professionals speeking the same language, aiming on improving not only the physical environment but also the social en economic resilience of people.

The strength of the Dutch designers' methodology lies in the integration of space within and between the buildings, at the intermediate urban scale. The configuration and organization of the programwithin urban design is decisive and leads to a long lasting positive impact on sustainability at the physical, economical and social level.

The term Dutch Approach also refers to the intensive use of sustainable technologies. From the urban scale to the local neighborhood, innovation in the built environment is evident. Many innovations stem from necessity, for example the Delta Works Projects, which have developed our ability to live harmoniously with the sea.

As we embrace forward thinking applications for technology, perhaps some of the more noteworthy advances have been in 'low-tech' solutions, redefining new conceptual organizations of the building program. More and more these provisions are becoming a common part of the Dutch.