Go Dutch


Going Dutch stands for “splitting the bill”. We take this a step further. Splitting the bill means that we all take a collective responsibility for the individual performance. This implies that the collective not only equals the sum of the parts, it really adds value to this sum. An integral sustainable approach, a collective shared responsibility and the sharing of a common sense. Going Dutch is adding value.

The United States of America and the Netherlands share this collective thinking. A collective memory as Russel Shorto describes in his book ‘The island at the center of the world’. It was Amsterdam, in that time Europe’s most liberal city with a policy of tolerance dedicated to free trade that became the model for the city of ‘New Amsterdam’. In Shorto’s words, a model that would help shape not only New York, but the whole of the United States of America. To this date we share these mutual values such as a spirit of free trade, our international orientation and the respect for human rights.