People matter


Many projects in the past, throughout Europe and the US, have really failed when it comes to sustainability. This because of the fact that the residents/recipients did not support the suggested and implemented improvements in their living environment all together. This resulted in the fact that the investment of millions and millions of euro's and dollars were soon made undone by the sheer fact that the community did not feel 'owner', and therefore felt no responsibility for their own living environment. This is a prerequisite for sustainable community development and the invested money to pay off. It's a shame if the assurance of investments is forgotten in social (housing) projects. We manage the entire process of creating liveable projects.

The world we live in is changing rapidly. This has a major impact on the way we organize our society. In the housing-, care- and welfare sector we are challenged by various dynamic developments. People hold new standards on the quality of how they want to live and on how their living environment should look like. Furthermore different groups in society have different needs. Youngsters, families and seniors all have their own specific wishes on how and where they want to live. In order to acknowledge and anticipate these developments we need to build and renovate houses and control neighborhoods to make them agreeable to present day requirements on the field of housing, care and welfare.

Not only are more houses needed, build for various specific groups in society (youngsters, families , seniors), the houses also have to meet the wishes individuals have concerning housing, care and living environment. Various partners such as contractors, project developers, social housing corporations, central and local government officials and even care institutions will have to work together to make sure housing conditions match all these dynamic developments. This can be done by building new houses, renovating old ones and active involvement in how neighborhoods develop.